Car Tour Paris

A complete city car tour of Paris with a dedicated Driver and a Tour Guide.

Together, we will cruise the city streets to see all the monuments with live explanations and professional answers.

car tour paris 4 hours

My name is Sam. I am a professional chauffeur in Paris organizing tailor-made Car tour in Paris with over 20 years experience.

Picture of Sam standing as a personal driver in Paris

For a truly unique experience, I propose a comfortable High-ride fully-equipped Mercedes with a Professional Tour guide from my team.

My car services are Modern and Panoramic.

Option 1 - 6 seats Roomy Mercedes Van + Driver + Tour Guide

Option 2 - 2 seats Elegant Class S Mercedes + Driver 

If we hire a tour guide, she will be seating next to you or next to the driver in the passenger seats of car, depending on your journey configuration.

The experienced tour guide will be at our disposal for the entire city tour to make the tour meaningful by telling us stories, giving us true insights with genuine explanations and professional answers about what you see, about Paris History, about its landmarks.

This classic car city tour is best programmed at the beginning of your stay in Paris in order to get a feel of the city.

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What is the Car Tour Paris?

The Car Tour Paris is a City Tour with a professional driver and a licensed tour guide. The Car Tour Paris tour includes the most famous monuments and areas in Paris. The client can hop on and hop off the car for pictures along the way. The classic circuit includes: Montmartre, Île de la Cité and Ile Saint Louis, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Latin Quarter, the Panthéon and La Sorbonne University, the Champs-Elysées avenue, bridge Alexander IIIrd, the Grand Palais,  the Arch of Triumph, the historic place de la Concorde, the Madeleine Church,  Opéra Garnier, the Place Vendôme, Le Louvre area, the Invalides (Napoleon's tomb), of course the Eiffel Tower.

The duration is 4 hours

We can see the key places and all the landmarks of Paris in 4 hours.

However, you can add some more hours to have a lunch break and get inside a museum, or add some extra sights and activities.

The pick up is at your own address

I will come pick you up at your hotel at 9.30 am

*For the airport pick-up, consider my Layover tour of Paris.

The complete sightseeing journey of Paris by Modern Car

The monuments: Arc of Triumph, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Pantheon, etc.

The landmarks of Paris: The Louvre Pyramid, the world most beautiful bridges, the must-see churches or synagogues, Palais Garnier, Vendome, Concorde, Invalides, Moulin Rouge, Palais Royal, etc.

The best spots for pictures: The Trocadero view on the Eiffel Tower, the Montmartre hill next to Sacré Coeur church, The Glass pyramid, and many more.

Map of Paris Limo premium services Driver in Paris customized itinerary for a car tour in paris 2021
Car with driver in Montmartre Paris copyrights by Sam Driver 1MB 2024

Let's Start!

Here is my detailed Classic Itinerary.

9am - Pick up at your Hotel or Airport Arrival Gate

Meet at the Hall, I will present myself to your Hotel Lobby.

The Hotel concierge will call you and I will wait for you until you are ready to go.

We start the private city tour of Paris usually at 9am.

Your ride : You can customize the itinerary at the fullest !

You can hop off and hop on the car for pictures all the way and whenever you need.

We will see :

Highlight 1 - Montmartre

Famous for being the square of Artists and for the Sacre Coeur Church on the hill of Paris :

Highlight 2 - Les Invalides

Prestigious place, an extensive complex of 17th-century structures and courtyards in Paris designed for the care and housing of disabled veterans and as a place of worship.

( Invalides means disabled veterans )

Highlight 3 - Paris Islands 

The unique Notre-Dame Cathedral ( which is under renovation 2020, after the fire of 2019, you can still see some of the damage, but the towers and the gate are still up and beautiful),

We will do of course a Tour of the Latin Quarter where you can see the the Panthéon and La Sorbonne University

Highlight 4 - The Champs-Elysées Avenue

The most expansive avenue in the world, and where you can see the famed Arch of Triumph

Highlight 5 - Bridge Alexander 3rd and the Grand Palais

See the historic Bridge of Alexandre 3rd, place de la Concorde, and the Madeleine Church.

Highlight 6 - See the Opéra Garnier and Place Vendôme

An architectural wonder !

Such beautiful area. Known for luxury and jewelry shops. The most prestigious shops of the planet.

Highlight 7 : Break or Lunch + get inside the Louvre

we will decide together on the day of the tour

We can take a break next to the Louvre Museum area, enjoy some wanders from Art & History or get some tasty food and some energy.

Next, you can Get inside the museum ( with or without a tour guide for example )

Start a quick Highlights tour of the Louvre

Talk about the French History, the history of the Louvre, the famous paintings : “The Liberty guiding the people” by Delacroix, or “the Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte” and all the masterpieces of the Louvre. ( The Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo ... )

Highlight 8 - Eiffel Tower

More possibilities

Le Marais, the Jewish Area, the oldest house of Paris, the 17th century mansions, with a quick visit to Place des Voges, and one or two synagogues if we have got some available time.

  • The old Latin Quarter + Islands of Paris:
    • The Notre Dame front
    • Gothic and stained glass churches
    • The Panthéon, The Sorbonne
    • Saint Michel and Saint Germain boulevards

At the end of the car tour

I will take you back to your hotel or to a restaurant depending on your wishes.

Your tour guide will give you some more recommendations for the rest of your stay.

At the end, the tour guide can stay with you, if you wish. 

Tour Guide for the perfect City Tour

For the Paris car tour, a private guide is necessary to be able to hop on and off the car along the way for stops and pictures.

It is not allowed for the driver and car to stop and park in many areas in Paris center, which is why you will be flexible with a private tour guide.

You also need a private tour guide to learn more about the history, about the city of Paris during our car tour Paris:

The guide can explain the History of every monument in the city, travel through many centuries, from the Roman's times, the middle ages, the French Revolution, WWII and until today.

You can discover the Highlights of Paris, its architecture and neighborhood,as well as its monuments, churches and museums.

With a private tour guide in Paris, you can decide to go inside a monument or to include a short visit inside of the museum at any time if you want.

complete car tour paris with sam

About hiring a Tour Guide in Paris for the City Tour:

I have worked with three of the best tour guides in Paris during my 20 years career in Paris. Feel free to ask me to help you to pick an English-Speaker Guide in Paris.

If you need one of the top tour guides in Paris : Someone perfect for the city tour? or maybe a tour guide with a lifetime in Paris, a native Parisian, with a very good English accent and serious qualifications in Art and History from the School of the Louvre or even the Sorbonne University? I recommend that you read the biography and profile of : our team or Tour Guide in Paris.

If you need a special tour guide for another specific need, send me an email and I will help you. I will send you some recommendation depending on your need and on the availability of the tour guide.

I work with a great variety of tour guides with a genuine Parisian lifestyle. I can give you recommendations depending on their different specialties: for the Louvre Highlights Tour, for the City Walking Tour, for the Versailles Tour from Paris, for a Gourmet Tour, or the Jewish tour of Paris.

flora and sam in Paris


My Paris Chauffeur Service is possible with 3 cars.

Class V Van: Roomy and comfortable with 6 seats - Best for the car tour of Paris.

Mercedes Class S: Best for a romantic city tour - 2 seats

Mercedes Class E: Super Classy with 2 seats

Car tour Paris Limo Premium Services (1)

More options

  1. Quick tour + Knowledgeable English-speaking Driver for 2 hours
  2. Classic tour + Driver + Tour Guide for 4 hours - See all the musts of Paris city + Get inside a monument.
  3. The Full day tour :  Driver + Tour Guide = See everything + Get inside a museum or a monument + lunch + visit a church or Luxembourg Gardens
  4. Versailles Car Tour


I offer you a complete city tour with an authentic chauffeur, native Parisian, trained for an authentic quality driver service.

My car tour service is designed to be fully private.

Read my driver biography here.

I follow the city approved roadshow, with a serious tour guide service and courteous driver at your entire disposal.

I am experienced and I hold a VTC license. I am accredited by the city of Paris to navigate the Historic center, to use the special lanes, to park and wait for you anywhere in the city center.

I offer the Mercedes-quality high-ride. Mercedes is a renown House for building the top German-quality cars. Unlike other vintage cars, the Mercedes Van is roofed and has better dampers, which means more comfort and higher view above the grounds. You can see better from the 8 windows, independently from the weather of Paris.

The seats are fully adjustable. The air is conditioned. You will be warm and safe.

The Mercedes engine is silent. We can hear each others perfectly.

My driving is smooth. I am not on a hurry. I drive calmly and slowly. I focus on driving so you can enjoy the view peacefully.

The car is roomy, panoramic, proofed, airbag-ed and safe.

The interior of my car is thoroughly clean and disinfected.

full car tour paris with sam

Ready to contact me?

You can follow the contact page button and find all my information to send me a text, an email or even call me via whatsapp. See you soon!

Slides of my Car Tour in Paris

Paris City Tour : Highlights (with Pictures)

How it started

The car tour of Paris was created by the Hotels of Paris to offer a warm welcome to Paris to their guest.

In 2005, a concierge of a Palace in Paris hired me for a 2-hours long car tour. The mission is show the clients all the highlights of Paris.

The idea of an orientation tour in a comfy car grew in maturity when we hire a tour guide to come with us.

Since then, we did not stop refining the itinerary and kept updating the circuit with our partners in Paris.

Today, we offer the complete car tour for all visitors.

The car tour duration can be 2 or 4 hours.

My ride is safe and pleasant.

You can enjoy the tour in a Mercedes Class V with extra leg room, for 6 people, best for a party of friends or a family.

The Mercedes Class V has 6 pivotal seats and big windows. An extra 7th seat at the front is booked for the Guide.

You can opt for the Mercedes Class S for only 2 people but more classy and for more elegant interior.

I drive very slowly during the city tour so you can enjoy more time looking at the beautiful monuments, the statues, the bridges, and even the people in the street and the houses of the city...

The classic city tour is better to be planned at the beginning of your stay: understand how Paris works, learn about its history and see what you might like in the city in order to come back and visit it more in-depth.

If you are interested in a special place or a landmark, you can ask me to stop and go inside.  A museum or a church? Go ahead with the Tour Guide, I will wait for you.

Feel free to take pictures of Paris, or ask me to take pictures of you.

It is also alright to take picture of me or the tour guide. We don't mind, we are at your service!

You can ask me to stop and to go to a pharmacy, a drugstore, or to do shopping, to eat, to have lunch... while I wait for you outside.

If you have any questions, please go to my contact page or send me an email to [email protected]