Private Paris Car Tour

For a truly unique experience, with a private service, I offer you a Private car tour to see all the famous monuments of Paris, with breaks and stops to hop on and off the car to take pictures in the best spots or simply walk inside the landmarks of Paris !

My cars are cleaned and disinfected

Mercedes Class S or Class E : Very Classy with 4 seats

Class V Van : Roomy and comfortable with 6 seats

Paris Car Tour Duration :

Classic tour : 4 hours ( To see the musts of Paris )

Customized tour : 7 hours ( To see everything + lunch )

Driver in Paris

Few places we will visit together

If you’re considering to see everything the first time you are in Paris, or if you just need some inspiration, just for a quick Layover in Paris, then look no further : I have pieced together a few of my personal favorite things to enjoy my city.

Remember, this is just an inspiration - one of the most fun way to explore Paris is to just follow your heart as everything is beautiful in this city !

Sam Driver Paris interieur BF2

Classic Itinerary

STEP 0 : Pick up at your Hotel or Airport Arrival Gate

Meet at the Hall, I will present myself to the Hotel concierge and wait for you until you are ready to go.

Hotel hall PAris car tour

We start the car tour : Introduction to Paris.

Your ride : You can customize the itinerary at the fullest !

You can hop off and hop on the car for pictures all the way and whenever you need.

We will see :

STEP 1 : Montmartre

car tour paris picture spot

Famous for being the square of Artists and for the Sacre Coeur Church on the hill of Paris :

STEP 2 : Les Invalides

Prestigious place, an extensive complex of 17th-century structures and courtyards in Paris designed for the care and housing of disabled veterans and as a place of worship.

( Invalides means disabled veterans )

See Napoleon's tomb :

STEP 3 : Paris Islands 

The unique Notre-Dame Cathedral ( which is under renovation 2020, after the fire of 2019, you can still see some of the damage, but the towers and the gate are still up and beautiful),

notre dame car tour paris

We will do of course a Tour of the Latin Quarter where you can see the the Panthéon and La Sorbonne University

STEP 4 : The Champs-Elysées Avenue

The most expansive avenue in the world, and where you can see the famed Arch of Triumph

STEP 5 : Bridge Alexander 3rd and the Grand Palais

Here you will see the historic place de la Concorde, and the Madeleine Church

STEP 6 : See the Famous Opéra Garnier and the Chic Place Vendôme


An architectural wonder !

Such beautiful area. Known for luxury and jewelry shops. The most prestigious shops of the planet.

STEP 7 :  Lunch next to the Louvre

we will decide together on the day of the tour

lunch Paris

We can take a break next to the Louvre Museum and get some tasty food and some energy.

Next, you can Get inside the museum ( with or without a tour guide for example )

Start a quick Highlights tour of the Louvre

Talk about the French History, the history of the Louvre, the famous paintings : “The Liberty guiding the people” by Delacroix, or “the Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte” and all the masterpieces of the Louvre. ( The Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo ... )

STEP 8 : See the Eiffel Tower , of course !

car tour paris picture spot
End of the Tour : I will recommend some places to see


I will take you back to your hotel or a place that you want to visit, the tour guide gives you some recommendations for the rest of your stay.

At the end, the tour guide can stay with you if you wish. 

Top Tour Guides in Paris for a Family Louvre Tour

I have worked with three of the best tour guides in Paris during my 20 years career in Paris.

Ask me by email if you need one of the top tour guides and I will send you some recommendation depending on your need and the specialty of the tour guide.

The tour guides I know are very good for the Louvre Highlights Tour, City walking Tours, Versailles Palace Tour and the Jewish Quarter Tour ...