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Sam - Driver in Paris

What to do if you have a Layover in Paris ?

Hello, my name is Sam and I am a professional driver in Paris for 20 years now.

As the travel reopened lately, following strict sanitary rules in Paris Airport, some of my clients who managed to come to Paris from USA and from Israel on Summer 2020, told me that they were obliged to take a quick nose test upon their arrival in the Airport CDG.

The health officers and border controls in Paris Airports will let you go after the covid test, if everything is ok, otherwise you will be confined in your hotel for 14 days.


What are the documents needed to travel to France ?

The complete list of the Official Documents you will need if you are coming from USA to France :
-Please get a Test for Covid19 : RT PCR TEST - 3 days before the flight
-Please Fill this ETIS document :
-Please Fill this Document : 21-09-2020-Document for France officials to Fill before Travel from USA
-Please get a good Travel Insurance


Sanitary Guidelines

First of all, Paris is very safe for visits :

The French Government secured the city of Paris and opened all its Bars, Cafés, Restaurants, Trains and all the transports are working perfectly with the respect of wearing mask everywhere.

We will wear masks, we need to wash our hands or use disinfectant, we will respect the safety distances

I will give you a mask if you need one but wearing a mask is mandatory in my car

I always clean my cars before and after each transfer

I also disinfect all the knobs and seats thoroughly.

paris private airport transfer

Landing in Orly or Charles de Gaulle ?

First of all, it makes no big difference that you land in Orly Airport or in Charles de Gaulle, as the two airports are nearly at the same distance from Paris which is between 1h to 1H30 from Landing.

To be at Time for your Departure, we need to leave Paris and head for the airport 3 hours before the flight.

I would need the flight number to help efficiently : Prepare the itinerary and look for opening hours, calculate the time to see the most of Paris beautiful sites !

sam driver personal driver in paris private paris driver sam

After Landing, it can take up to 1 hour between immigration, and baggage deliverance, and then to exit the airport.

Depending On your arrival day and time : a week-day, rush hour, night ... I will calculate the exact needed to reach Paris

In general it can take between 40 minutes and maximum 1h30 to arrive to the Eiffel Tower.

Do you want to get the most of your time in the City of Lights ?

First, I pick you up at the Airport !

I will come pick you up at the gates of the Airport with a sign with your name on it so you can find me.

I will need your flight number so I can wait for you at the right gates

Now, lets head to Paris center !

I am at you entire disposal, I can wait for you when you stop for picture.

Second, we see the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower is located at the Center of the city of Paris.

Depending on the day, we will have time to wait in line, and go up the tower, and enjoy the amazing view of the city !

car tour paris picture spot

Lunch Break at Angelina, Paris

After a long flight, my visitors often ask me to take a lunch break and taste the best foodies of the city.

So we go to Angelina Restaurant on 226 Rue de Rivoli

( I can make the reservations for you : 0033 1 42 60 82 00)

Angelina is a famous chic restaurant with a long history of almost 120 years . At that time, the Austrian confectioner Anton Rumpelmayer arrived in the South of France where he opened several “Rumpelmayer” stores and acquired great notoriety. Driven by success, Rumpelmayer sets out to conquer the French capital.
In 1903, he founded with his son René, at 226 rue de Rivoli, an "Angelina" tea room in honor of his daughter-in-law, so named.
From the moment it opened, Angelina became the essential meeting place for the Parisian aristocracy.
In its salons, Proust, Coco Chanel and the greatest French fashion designers have come together…
who jostle there to come and taste the famous Mont-Blanc and the unforgettable hot chocolate called "L'Africain".
lunch Paris

Next on the list : The Arc de Triomphe

a Neoclassical take on the ancient Roman triumphal arch style, built by Napoleon, the Ex-Emperor of France. Napoleon ordered the construction of the Arc de Triomphe shortly after his victory at Austerlitz to show the Glory of his army to the Parisian, it was a clever way to get more budget and trust for his War.

Maybe a quick shopping break at the Champs Elysées

Les Champs Elysées is a Famous Avenue in the world because it is the home of many prestigious boutiques and Restaurants, it is also where you see the French Military Parade and also where you see the protests.

You can visit Louis Vuitton Maison Champs Élysées, Chanel , Dolce & GabbanaFouquet's Paris and many other famous shops and restaurants ...

Champs elysee louis viton car paris tour

Next !

Cleopatra Needle in Paris

There are many cleopatra's Needles in the major cities of the Wrold : We saw one in New York, Londonc City, Paris ... they All come from one ancient civilization : The Ancient Egypt. During the colonization of Africa by the powerful nations of Europe in the 19th century, Europe decided to protect the most valuable pieces of Art made the humanity in the ancient time.

It is famed as Luxor Obelisk and is erected in the 19th century in Place de la Concorde , by the efforts of human chain and horses !

The obelisk is decorated with hieroglyphs exalting the reign of the pharaoh Ramesses II

In 1998 the government of France added a goldleafed pyramid cap to the top of the obelisk. The obelisk is flanked by two fountains constructed at the time of its erection on the Place.

Bridge of Alexander III

We will also see the most beautiful bridge of Paris and maybe one of the most beautiful bridges on earth : it is classed as a historic monument, because of its gorgeous architecture and popular location. The winged golden horses Arts, Sciences, Commerce and Industry. Is it real Gold ? We will discover that on our own once you are in Paris !

cleopatra PAris Needle PAris Car Tour

Questions about your Layover in Paris ?

You can ask me here about Paris Layover Tour : please precise how many passengers and how many hours you will spend in Paris!

Fresh French Cuisine

I like to go to Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Deniss, a popular spot for locals and many "Bobos", the Trendy young stylish Parisians who eat fresh and organic food.

Some good mentions :

We can eat at le 52, a very good restaurant where the menu changes often and is based on ingredients that are in season at the time.


MENU : Average price of lunch per person : 30 euro 
75010 PARIS

Le Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower where World Leaders dine together.

Very expensive, but, If it’s typical French High Cuisine that you’re looking for, this is the spot.

At 400 feet above the streets of Paris, you’re guaranteed to be equally wowed by the views and the triple-Michelin starred food. Booking is recommended in advance as weekend dinner bookings are usually hard to find less than four weeks in advance.


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Some Culture during a Layover in Paris ?

I have worked with the nicest tour guides in Paris during my 20 years of career as a Driver in Paris.

Ask me by email if you need one of the top tour guides and I will send you some recommendation depending on your need and the specialty of the tour guide.

The tour guides I know are very good for the Louvre Highlights Tour, City walking Tours, Versailles Palace Tour, Normandy.

One of the best articulate and knowledgeable about the Louvre is the tour guide Emma Durant for an amazing Louvre Guided tour.

For the Jewish Paris and le Marais, Flora Goldenberg is by far the answer to your need !


Next !

Montmartre Sacré Coeur :

Montmartre is a village inside Paris, historic and artisctic : it is the  place where artists feel more at ease to paint in the street, in front of the puclic, you can get your portrait drown in 10 minutes, sometimes, they paint their mark on Montmartre walls.

We will see the beautiful church Sacré Coeur uphill.

The Louvre Glass of Pyramid :

As we will not have enough time to get inside the Louvre, unless you take a Licensed Tour Guide, who can hop off the car and make you skip the waiting line, we will just take a break next to the beautiful Pyramid of Glass


More Layover ideas in Paris

Go to Montmartre and try All Good Things it is the French brunch and it is filling like an American Brunch, this brunch will surely get us up for a good energy for a sightseeing day. We can have hot drinks, fresh orange juice, a starter, main course and desserts

Du Pain et des Idées is a true 19th Parisian Bakery, where you can eat their famous Snail Bread. However this spot is not open on weekends.

A walk in the beautiful and historic Le Marais Neighborhood to see the Jewish neighborhood, or to do some shopping in its small boutiques.

Saint Germain neighborhood is just a classically Parisian neighborhood ! You will see the origins of the city and its architecture, you will find some emblematic cafés and french brasseries, art galleries, atmospheric restaurants and also museums... all together in the same small quarter !

You must visit the small markets at Mabillon or go the other way and enjoy "Le bon Marché" like a real Local Parisian.

Le bon Marché" is a big fancy historic store located in 24, rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris where you can buy all finer things Made In France and bring it back home with you.

car tour paris picture spot

Do you want a driver to help you during the layover in Paris

I can help you during your stay in Paris with transportation and advice. I hope I see you soon !

Jordan Moreno
Jordan Moreno
21:34 25 Jan 20
Very professional driver !! Thank you Sam for everything
Nancy Young
Nancy Young
13:37 16 Jan 20
We were referred to Sam during the strikes in Paris for airport transfer because the original company didn’t have a... vehicle for our party’s luggage. What a lucky accident! Sam was accommodating and made our transfer super easy and comfortable even in the crazy traffic generated by the strike. We were so pleased we hired him for a day trip to the Loire valley with equally good results. At every point, he made our experience a priority while being flexible with our pace. Hire with confidence!read more
Lauren Green
Lauren Green
00:50 10 Jan 20
Sam was fantastic! Our family of 5 enjoyed his roomy and clean car and the waters and candy were very appreciated. ... Sam is an excellent driver and took care to be extra careful due to one member of our family not feeling very well. He drove us on 2 separate occasions and was always on time. We especially appreciated when he walked us into the airport to show us where to go for our flight. I would highly recommend using Sam’s services! He was great!read more
15:06 13 Sep 19
Stella DiMarco
Stella DiMarco
08:23 13 Jan 19
Best services and conversation with Sam ! He was our private chauffeur for our stay in Paris. We decided to go to... Giverny and I really enjoyed riding with him. I recommend Sam as a safe Driver and a sweet person , nice contact in Paris !read more
Satomi Kobayashi
Satomi Kobayashi
15:40 09 Jan 19
Ben Sliman
Ben Sliman
13:51 08 Jan 19
Very Professional service in Paris . Thank you Sam !
Flora Goldenberg
Flora Goldenberg
13:12 04 Jan 19
I have worked with Sam Philippe as a private guide for 6 years now. We tour with visitors in his Mercedes van. He is a... safe and professional driver. Always clean and smiling, I really reccomend him as a driver guide in Parisread more
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