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Welcome to Paris !  


my name is Sam, I am 42, born and raised in Paris.

I live in a lovely quiet historical quarter in Paris called Montparnass.

I started my career as a private driver for prestigious hotels in Paris, in the late 90s.

I learned to be a professional chauffeur with high quality of service. I have more than 20 years of experience, and I still love it !

First Class Driver in Paris

Here are the services I offer today in Paris :

1. Hire by the Hour

2. Private Transfers

3. Paris Car Tour

4. Day trips 

My story 

When I was young , I worked mainly for the Ritz Hotel, for the Bristol and some of the most prestigious Parisian Palaces and 5-stars Hotels in le Marais Area.

One day, a client asked to go together see the Normandy Landing Beaches. On our trip to Normandy American Cemetery, we were talking and it turns out he is WW2 American Veteran. “My father is a veteran too”, I said. 

As I am the son of a french solider who was honored and decorated by the french army for his fight side by side with the American Soldiers on the Normandy Omaha Beach to liberate France, we started talking more and more …

He encouraged me to start working on new tours and show American how beautfiful France is. So I started givings my visitors tours and rides to Normandy, Giverny and other magical and beautiful places in France where you can relax, breath some fresh air, and discover the hidden gems of our country side.

I started very young as a Solo driver, I promised myself to do my job attentively, respectfully and very carefully to satisfy the needs of my visitors and preserve their safety while they are discovering France on their own pace, 

A picture of me ( Sam ) with my two clients during a very nice Normandy trip  – We wanted to visit the american cemetery and pay our respects to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives to liberate Europe during WW2

The beginning of my career

Everyday at work, I had the chance to meet and talk with interesting people : My visitors are curious and eager to discover everything. They are coming from very far countries to discover France, to meet nice people and appreciate the splendid city of Paris and other parts of France !

I loved it !

I am Sam, a Professional Driver in Paris

My clients inspired me the most !

During the hours of work, I had many conversations with my clients.

I listened to my clients advice. I always take their advice into consideration to improve myself. 

I really appreciate my visitors needs and I understand quickly what they are going through, so I try sincerely my best to help them by all means and try to make their trip a delightful memory to cherish !

Sam Driver in Paris

As I worked hard, my business grew, I started to meet many people from USA, Israel, England and Australia. So, I went to work for the big Tourism Industries in Paris to be complete in my business offer and to discover all : what this city has to offer, the new visitors, the secret places to eat something unique… and I made a list of recommendations to give my clients the best restaurants, hotels, Tour guides, destinations for Day trips like vineyards and castles and villages of France … 

Through my huge network of chauffeurs in Paris, I organized business transportation for big Conventions that were held in Paris.

What is different in 2020 ? 

I decided to open my blog and to provide the same quality of services to all English-speaking visitors coming to Paris, who wish to enjoy a first-class ride for a reasonable price !

I created my personal blog to share with you my pictures, my ideas, my safety tips … 

For example : I designed with my colleague Flora Goldenberg a very nice itinerary for the Private Car Tour of Paris and a joined tour catalog.

Feel free to read my list of ideas for the Day trips from Paris.

I now provide a Private Airport transfer thanks to a partnership with the airport : a Fast Track to skip the line at the airport security , for departures only.

✈ I also arrange a Layover plan for Paris if you are coming to visit for just few hours ✈


I can answer all your questions about your trip to Paris : 
email :
tel : +33 6 12 47 73 97

Extra services : Baby seat, Wifi, Honeymoon organisation … 

Driver in Paris is not a job.

It is a passion !

One thing you should know about being a driver in Paris that it is tiresome but in the same time so exciting :

  • I must admit that I have the chance to work in a very beautiful city. The scenery of my job is always amazing !
  • Every mission is different ( different people, different personalities, different needs, different origins and languages … ) but the pleasure to help is the SAME ! I can show my clients that I am at their entire service and that they are here JUST TO ENJOY ! that is my mission !
best day trip with samuel personal driver paris
A day trip with Sam to Versailles

I love France and I love driving my visitors here.

Especially, when I get the chance to meet a curious visitor with lots of questions. If we have some time to spare, we can go together up to the country side of France, and share my passion with you and show you all the amazing landscapes that France has to offer.

Champagne Road trip
Picture of the Champagne region I took during a lunch break on Road trip from Paris

The countryside of France is my paradise !

You can come and look for yourself.

Tasting Champagne- Day trip
Picture of a Champagne Tasting during a quick Day trip from Paris

Technically speaking, France has very reliable road infrastructure too. It is a very safe and has a reliable social security, a balanced place to work.

The medical care in France is one of the best in the world. 

I went on many road trips in France. It is a pleasure to drive a classy comfortable Mercedes on these elegant french roads to end up at a lost gorgeous vineyard, somewhere in France !

email :
tel : +33 6 12 47 73 97

I ❤️ my job ! 

Sam Driver to Giverny
Sam – Professional Driver – @Giverny

I always invite my clients to Giverny 🌵 or to Normandy to see the french countryside. Giverny was the home of the famous artist Claude Monet 

With a passion for gardening as well as for colors, he conceived both his flower garden and water garden as true works of art.

Walking through his house and gardens, visitors can still feel the atmosphere which reigned at the home of the Master of Impressionnism and marvel at the floral compositions and nymphéas, his greatest sources of inspiration.

We can go there with a tour guide !

The people in the countryside are nice and generous. They love tourists and they have different cuisines. The food is authentic, healthy and so delicious.

Are you coming to visit Paris with your Family ?

I am a family man, I am raising three children with my wife in Paris.

I can say, with great assurance, that France is a very kid-friendly place.

It depends on where you live in France, to tell the truth but the Little Paris is very safe. I appreciate our health care system and the educational programs, the parks, the gardens, the schools in Paris. We can talk about it here.

If you want a travel plan for your family in Paris, please let me know !

If you come with your family : I will come to pick you up inside the airport, at the gates and help you with the stroller or the luggage and load it into my roomy Mercedes Van. 

Picture of my Mercedes Van in Paris – Sam Driver in Paris – February 2020

I hope you will be happy with my chauffeur services with your family. 

Ideas for Family with kids in Paris : 

I can prepare for you a list of ideas and places, customized to your wishes and interests, and depending on your children ages.

We will find things to do and events to attend depending on the time and the weather and opening hours.

  • We can go to Disneyland

  • Explore the Montmartre artists square
  • Go to a museum for a treasure hunt
  • Attend a Music festival for kids in Paris City Hall
  • Explore an artist expo in the Pompidou Center
  • See the Amazing 14th of July Parade of France 
  • Explore the lovely jewish quarter of Paris 
  • I can book for you a dinner in a family-friendly restaurant in Paris

I have many ideas of things you can do in Paris with your family, please ask me by email :

My Chauffeur Services

“Chauffeur” is a french word that means “the heater” literally, it is in reference to the first motors : the steam engines of the 18th century.

The chauffeur was a worker who use to heat the “boilers” to make steam to accelerate the train / cars.

As the technology advanced quickly from steam engine to our modern cars engines, and now Tesla … The chauffeur word in 2020 stayed the same but to designate a Professional Driver with a high quality standard.

My qualities : 

  • First class chauffeur is always elegant, he has a perfect body hygiene and absolutely clean, in a suit and a cravat ! 
  • Perfect hygiene 🚿 and I never wear perfume or add scents to my cars 🌿
  • Safe driving and a perfectly clean environment is the minimum for a comfortable ride.
  • Sanitary Rules : I clean my cars and disinfect after each ride.
  • Modesty and obedience 
  • I am Polite
  • Friendly and very open-minded

2020 : Covid safety rules 

We must Disinfect and clean the cars everyday, before and after each ride

In 2020, we must also separate the driver from the clients with a plastic transparent divider which I installed during the lockdown.

I also use disinfectant gel and wear a mask all the time to protect you and myself.

I will give you masks when you come to Paris.

During this crisis, it is very important for me to be courteous and patient to make things easier for you when you come to Paris.

I understand that my visitors sometimes come from a long-haul flight and need to rest quietly, peacefully : they need a calm driver to help them and provide them with comfort, safety, peaceful ride, snacks, water, infant seats for the kids, phone chargers and many more on my driver services

Feel free to contact me

or via phone : 00 33 6 12 47 73 97

Jordan Moreno
Jordan Moreno
21:34 25 Jan 20
Very professional driver !! Thank you Sam for everything
Nancy Young
Nancy Young
13:37 16 Jan 20
We were referred to Sam during the strikes in Paris for airport transfer because the original company didn’t have a... vehicle for our party’s luggage. What a lucky accident! Sam was accommodating and made our transfer super easy and comfortable even in the crazy traffic generated by the strike. We were so pleased we hired him for a day trip to the Loire valley with equally good results. At every point, he made our experience a priority while being flexible with our pace. Hire with confidence!read more
Lauren Green
Lauren Green
00:50 10 Jan 20
Sam was fantastic! Our family of 5 enjoyed his roomy and clean car and the waters and candy were very appreciated. ... Sam is an excellent driver and took care to be extra careful due to one member of our family not feeling very well. He drove us on 2 separate occasions and was always on time. We especially appreciated when he walked us into the airport to show us where to go for our flight. I would highly recommend using Sam’s services! He was great!read more
15:06 13 Sep 19
Stella DiMarco
Stella DiMarco
08:23 13 Jan 19
Best services and conversation with Sam ! He was our private chauffeur for our stay in Paris. We decided to go to... Giverny and I really enjoyed riding with him. I recommend Sam as a safe Driver and a sweet person , nice contact in Paris !read more
Satomi Kobayashi
Satomi Kobayashi
15:40 09 Jan 19
Ben Sliman
Ben Sliman
13:51 08 Jan 19
Very Professional service in Paris . Thank you Sam !
Flora Goldenberg
Flora Goldenberg
13:12 04 Jan 19
I have worked with Sam Philippe as a private guide for 6 years now. We tour with visitors in his Mercedes van. He is a... safe and professional driver. Always clean and smiling, I really reccomend him as a driver guide in Parisread more
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Paris Beauty

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast” – Ernest Hemingway !

I am being always surrounded by this amazing contagious Parisian beauty.

You can see this “simple” architectural Beauty in the Louvre with a tour guide ,

You can take a walking tour and learn about the history of the Haussmannian renovation of Paris Architecture,

or go and discover the sophisticated french food,

When my clients come to Paris , they are overwhelmed by the beauty everywhere

Everything would appear small to my clients especially when they come from USA , Canada and Australia.

car tour paris picture spot

You will submerged by beautiful yet simple small things and it is every where you go !

We will explore some hidden areas of Paris to see how beautiful it is !

email :
tel : +33 6 12 47 73 97

Questions I get from my visitors when in Paris

Personal Chauffeur in Paris

1. How is life in Paris ?

Living in Paris is like living in a nice dream. It is very comfortable. We have everything so close : The theaters, the 1500 restaurants with different cuisines from allover the world, cafés and bars everywhere, boutiques and commerce, gardens, museums with the best painting and unique antiquities.

The food is very delicious and the city is very beautiful.

Life feels so easy but in the same time, it attracts too many people lately, it becomes hot at summer and feels very crowded . So that’s why, we stay in Paris the whole winter then go to the countryside of France on summer !

2. Is Paris Safe ? 

Yes, Paris is very safe ! Trust me, I would not stay in center of Paris Montparnasse with my family, my baby kids and all my friends, if it was unsafe. 

Please, take the time to read the statistics and verify your sources as some media tend to make a buzz out of scary pictures.

Fact : Paris is the safest city for tourists in whole Europe.

If you take the metro, just be careful about petty theft.

Paris welcomes millions of tourists each year and statistics shows that the tourists go home always safe and sound.

So, I can say : you are in very good hands !

3. Why Parisians are always on hurry ?

Like New York, working in a crowded city can be stressful and Parisians are always in a hurry in the morning to go to work. They walk fast, they seem unavailable and away in their thoughts during the day …

But, at night, Parisians go out for the Apero : After one drink at the bar and they become pleasant, delightful with tourists, and open to talk to.

You can even make many friends in here !

4. Is it possible to buy an apartment in Paris and live here ?

Yes !

This is my favorite question, because people love Paris so much that they want to live here for the rest of their lives.

In a nice area, like Le Marais, a small apartment is expensive : For example a 35 meters² with only 2 rooms : is worth about $400,000 and The rent is about $1000 .

It is possible to live in here under the condition to ask the French Government for a special “Green card equivalent” . We call this : Titre de Séjour. For American citizens, this procedure is simplified as France Administration have good diplomatic relations with the USA Administration.

Many startups are booming in Paris ( especially, in Le Sentier Area and Opera area ) : you will find your dream job easily if you take the time to stay in here for a month or two and look seriously for job interviews. Employers do love Americans in here and they recruit massively. 

Life can be as expensive as New York. But the salaries are not as high as New York as we pay more taxes for our Universal Health care system and for the income taxes.

5. Can I meet with members of the Jewish communities in Paris ? 

Of course, I will introduce to a famous jewish tour guide : Flora Goldenberg 

Flora is very knowledgeable and she can take you inside both sepheradi and ashkinazi synagogues of Paris. She is french, born and raised in the heart of the Jewish area of Paris.

Flora is nice, humble, friendly and can really help with anything.

6. Why do you buy Mercedes ?

Many clients notice that I love Mercedes cars. It shows a world-class feeling of comfort and beauty, shared by many drivers.

Mercedes vehicles are made for safety, luxury, ergonomics and comfort of both the driver and the passenger. 

That’s why :

I bought a very classy MERCEDES Class E with 4 SEATS

and then I bought this roomy comfortable MERCEDES VAN Class V with 7 SEATS

I also Included small services in the car

All phones USB charger

On board Wi-Fi with Free Internet

Sound Bluetooth for your music

Mini Bar Refrigerator at your disposal with Water & Snacks

A glass of Champagne to surprise your partner for Anniversaries & Honeymooners can be arranged if you me for this service in advance !

7. What is your special VTC License?

I am a professional driver under the state VTC License which means  Véhicule de Tourisme avec Chauffeur .

It is my chauffeur license, obtained after a special training, that allows me to drive legally a small group of tourist visitors with insurance for all my Passengers and their Luggage.

More over, My VTC license allows me to park in privileged special parking next to the arrival Gates : I will wait for you and verify your flight arrival time and pick you up easily at the airport of Paris.

Sam Driver in Paris
Sam – Driver in Paris