More than a driver in Paris

My name is Sam.

Let me present to you my chauffeur services and my extras to make your ride comfortable and safe.

Paris chauffeur service

I value your time

Getting around in Paris — especially if you are new to the city — is a major challenge.

Everything needs to be scheduled and synchronized. You have to check into the hotel, reserve a table for lunch, and take guided tours of museums. 

It can feel overwhelming to get everywhere on time.

When you hire me as your private driver in Paris, I value your time. I use my expertise to not only get the best route but also navigate the city in the best way possible as traffic changes depending on the time of day, strikes, and other considerations — like the upcoming Olympic Games 2024.

I always add in extra time, ensuring your pick-up and drop-off are right on time.

Curious about what traffic conditions you can expect for your stay? Reach out to me, and I’ll give you guidance on the best times to visit based on traffic. Whether you hire me for a single drive, an evening, an entire day, or a week-long engagement — I lend you my expertise as a Paris chauffeur.

I value your safety, privacy, and comfort

When you hire a chauffeur in Paris, why not hire one with a luxury vehicle that gives you the absolute best in comfort and safety?

That’s what my driving services offer. You’ll move through Paris in a Mercedes while you and your party are given total and complete privacy and discretion. Everything is kept in pristine condition, so you can simply sit back and enjoy the luxurious accommodations.

Spare yourself the debates and mood swings of our beloved Parisian cab drivers. Enjoy the highest in safety, privacy, and comfort.

My car is your home

When you step into my car, you are entering your own little home-away-from-home.

Fast, reliable internet

Enjoy blazing-fast internet that connects to France's 4G/5G network. It’s fast enough for anything you need, like sending emails, streaming movies, or playing video games.

No matter where you are in the city, my car’s internet works perfectly everywhere.

Stay charged

My vehicles have USB chargers compatible with iPhone, Android, and Samsung.

Need a US outlet to charge? No problem! Just ask ahead of time, and I’ll have everything ready.

Hello minifridge

If you need to store food or medicine in a cool place, my minifridge is here to help. 

The minifridge also gives you access to water, juice, organic snacks, and sparkling water.

Personalize your trip with extras

  • Baby seats (0-1) and infant seats (2 to 6 years old) can be provided. Just ask!
  • Flowers are available (perfect for your honeymoon or your anniversary). Make the moment really special with chilled champagne.
  • Reduce waiting time at CDG airport by ordering Fast Track for your departure.
  • Upgrade to the prestigious and always elegant Class S Mercedes car.

5 Stars on Google

There’s a reason I have a 5-Star average on Google — I go above and beyond. Why? Because my driving services are my way of sharing the city I love with people from all over the world.

I care about Paris, and I love helping people have the best experience possible while they visit the place I call home.

I’m so grateful that my extra effort and care are experienced by my clients!

Business Services

For big groups or business opportunities, partnerships in Paris, please contact me directly by email.

See my city transfer services

More about my cars

Please let me know what car fit you the most:
The Mercedes Van Class V = Comfortable, more space with 7 passenger seats
The Mercedes Class E = Elegant, comfortable, executive and classy look with 4 passenger seats.
The Mercedes Class S = Just two passenger seats. Graceful, ingenious, tasteful. But she comes with an extra fee.

What's Included

Infant Seats

I have at my disposal secure baby seats and infant seats, booster chairs, with no extra fees. Just ask 🙂

Please share with me the age of your baby and how many infant passengers.

Suitcases and storage

Please share with me in private : how many suitcases and carry-on bags you would have in advance so I can prepare the trip and choose the right vehicle.

My Mercedes van has a capacity of 4 big suitcases in the trunk.

I also can store the luggage during your layover tour.


You can ask for a wheelchair and I will borrow one for you.

Please ask me in advance so I can arrange it.

Car Tour Paris

On the road to your hotel I can show you some of the city Highlights.

I organize Road shows and circuits to see France country side.

 I can give you a good Introduction to Paris.

Or a Night Car Tour Paris to understand why we call it the city of lights.

I also organize Day trips from Paris and Round trips to see Champagne caves and Giverny's flower gardens

Paris Layover tour

If you are visiting Paris during a layover, then let's go to see Paris city and its old center, Eiffel Tower, the landmarks, do some shopping, have lunch before your departure.

I have a priority pass for the CDG airport that allows you to skip the waiting and get on your flight faster.

Snacks and Water, Special Diets

You can ask me to bring you a special meal on the way to the airport : Kosher, Vegetarian, Gluten Free ...

I have Mini Refrigerator On-Board to keep it cool

WIFI : Stay Connected for free

Wifi On Board, like at Home !

Free Internet, uninterrupted, using the 4G network of France and dispatching the Internet into my vehicle at a good speed , enough to play a movie for the kids and send emails and pictures to your friends ! Enjoy !

I have Bluetooth to enjoy your own kind of music !

Honey Moon or Anniversary

I can buy roses in advance to give you a warm welcome after a long flight.

2 coupes of Champagne + Mini Refrigerator On Board

I can give you some ideas by email depending on your interests


You can borrow my umbrellas in my car when it is raining.

Information desk

Contact me by email, and I will help you and answer your questions. You get to ask as many questions as you need.

I make reservations for dinners in the restaurants of Paris

I can buy tickets for a show or a museum. I can hire a tour guide for you. For Private and discrete services : you can ask me anything and I will tell you if it is doable 😉

Help from Paris

You want something done in Paris but you can't find anyone to help?

I can help!

I can pick up a relative/ a client/a friend at the airport.

I can make a Gift Delivery for you in Paris.

I can drive a sensitive package with great care.

Please explain to me your need by email


Credit Card / Stripe

You can pay me after the service completion by credit card, physically in my car or virtually using Stripe via internet

PayPal Booking

I accept bookings in advance with PayPal payments. If you wish to confirm via Paypal, please contact me via email


My Missions

My Transfers are private

I offer Private Transfer from any Train Station,

Private Transfer from Le Havre to Paris,

Private Transfer from Paris Airport CDG,

and Private Transfer from Paris Airport Orly.

I offer B2B Transportation and partnerships

My Paris Chauffeur Service can be organized for a

Transportation for a Convention in Paris,

Transportation for a Congress in Paris,

Transportation for a Business Meeting in Paris,

and Transportation for a Conference in Paris.

We can go on a Day Trips

Go to Champagne,

Go to Normandy,

Go to Giverny,

 or Visit France for 3 days by Car.

City Transfers

Go to Lyon

Go to Lille,

Go to Marseille,

 or go to Ski.

before booking with sam driver in Paris

I am punctual

Before booking the transfer, I will need your Flight number to schedule the pick-up efficiently.

Share with me the number of passengers, the age of the children and number of suitcases, if you have this information.

I will come, before arrival time, with a sign to wait for you right at the arrival gates. I will welcome you, give you a hand with the luggage.

You can finally take the load off, sit and relax. We will be in Paris center shortly to enjoy the sights.

Visiting Paris with a tour guide

Do you need Tour Guide services ?

Paris is much better with a tour guide. The guides I work with are licensed and excellent storytellers. They speak English perfectly. They can bring Paris landmarks to life.

They are an excellent addition to our services.

Take the Louvre for example : The Louvre Museum is so big that it takes almost 30 days to see everything on your own.

But with a Parisian Private tour guide, you will experience, understand, feel and get the most of your visit.

To make the experience more meaningful, I can only but refer you to Emma and Flora from the Louvre tour guides : They are elegant, eloquent, articulate, original and authentic tour guides !


Are you planning to visit the Jewish Paris?

The Jewish Paris is located in le Marais area, at the heart of Paris.

Many little synagogues are hidden in this area. Some of them are private and not open for public.

That's why, it is best to hire an authentic tour guide : Flora Goldenberg who can give us access to these little treasures of Paris.

Don't miss the opportunity to go with Flora : She can bring the landmarks to life, she is amazingly knowledgeable thanks to her education, her experience, her passion and her Goldenberg family origins and history.

With Flora, you can go behind the scenes, explore at your own pace the curvy winding streets, get inside a museum... while I wait for you in my car.


In summary

Sam Driver Paris Car Tour Paris IMG-20210827-WA0006

My mission is to make the trip to Paris comfortable and memorable.

I am careful. I am attentive to the safety rules, to the hygiene, to my car neatness, to the sanitary guidelines. I take this pandemic seriously.

I offer a great range of extra services to make your trip peachy.

I want you to keep an excellent souvenir of Paris!

See you soon.

Best regards,