Private Transfer from Airport to Paris Hotel


My name is Sam. I am a Private Driver in Paris.

I am in charge of a Private Transfer for the Airport arrivals to Paris Hotels and for the departures from Hotel to both international airports CDG and Orly.

Offering a VTC-Quality transportation, on-time, with a pass to wait for my guests inside the airport, right after picking-up the luggage from the belt.

Sam Driver in Paris

I wait with a sign, inside the airport, at the arrival gates.

Thanks to my special VTC license that allows me to park inside the Airport special parking, I can help you load the luggage easily into my roomy Mercedes van.

From CDG airport to Hotel, you can expect about 50 minutes to 1 hour of travel time.

From Orly airport to Hotel, you can expect an average of 35 minutes of travel time between Orly airport and Paris Center.

what is the Difference between orly and CDG airport transfer

Do you need a pick up at the airport?

You can contact me via whatsapp and by email for booking my driver service. After booking, I would need your flight number, of course, to be on time and at the right gate.

I will personally wait for you at the arrival gates holding a sign with a pseudo. You will see me right away, with a smile and a warm welcome.

I will be at your entire disposal : Let me get your luggage and I will load it in my Mercedes van. I will open the doors for you and stand ready to help you. On the road to your hotel in Paris, we will drive safely and comfortably so you can enjoy the view, we can make a stop if you need to, or make a detour to see the Eiffel Tower or cruise in Paris historical center by car for a moment before going to the Hotel.


Limo Premium Service is a Paris Chauffeur Service with two Chauffeurs and a conciergerie service

Private Transfer from Hotel to Paris Airports

For Departures, we will meet at your hotel hall. I will make myself known at the concierge. The concierge will call you at your room.

Take your time, I will wait for you at the Hotel Lobby.

It is my pleasure to help you load the luggage into the Mercedes van.

We head to the airport and I will park in a special VTC parking.

Of course, I will walk you inside the airport to show you how to get to your gate and then to your airplane: I will make sure that you have everything you need.

I will do my best to make your trip safe and very comfortable.

Please, feel free to ask me anything to make your ride pleasant.

Contact us

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Do you need to skip the waiting line at the Airport?

Get my fast track at CDG.

What is the fast Track at CDG?

The Fast Track Transfer is an extra service, exclusively with CDG, that makes you skip the line, like a business class passenger but without the seat.

It is (almost) similar to Air-France Sky priority : I organize this service for priority clients (Families with a baby, Seniors, or a medical incapacity...). You can also order this service when you need to win some time between flights.

This extra service can be booked by email in advance with me and can be possible at the last minute as well.


No matter what, safety first!

Driver Paris fully vaccinated , with mask and take this pandemic very seriously.
Masks are needed inside confined places but they are not required to walk in the streets of Paris

Certainly, we will squeeze the waiting time at the Airport security and immigration by using my fast track privilege, for an additional fee... but, even when we are on hurry, I will drive you safely and carefully to the Airport.


Layover in Paris

We have prepared an efficient Layover itinerary in Paris to do the Highlights of Paris

Our layover itinerary of Paris is just an idea of what you can do with a private driver in Paris.

It can inspire you and help you customize the itinerary of course.

We will need the exact dates or the flight number to organize your itinerary.

We will adapt depending on the calendar : is it a week day? a weekend?

The layover depends on the month, on the weather, on the opening hours of the restaurants, on the museums we will visit, on the french holidays too ...

We can do this together by email with my partner Serge, so he can help you everything you want to see!

Can I see the Eiffel tower from the Airplane?

Yes. But, it depends on where you sit, on which airport you are going to land, on the weather and where you are coming from.

For example, if you are coming from New York, coming from North West, on a clear day, make sure to sit on the right of the airplane if you land in CDG. You will see a small Eiffel Tower from the airplane.


What is the difference between Orly and CDG?

There is no difference between Orly and CDG except in their locations :

  • CDG in up north, and a bit far from Paris. CDG focus on long distance travel and welcomes airplanes from the North ( Northern Europe, USA, Japan...)
  • Orly is closer to Paris and is located in the south of the city. Orly airport focus on airplanes from South (Spain, Israel, Africa...)

Both airports belong to the same company : Paris Aeroport and they are both well organized, clean and highly secured.

The distance from the Paris historical center is also a big difference and the time to arrival to Paris, which can vary due to the traffic jams, rush hours and the weather.

Both airports had been technologically modernized and had been extended during 2019. They are very well equipped with the latest air control and radar technologies for a safe and smooth landing, thanks to Airplane Approach Control : a tricolor light system that acts like a Visual Slope for the final approach.

The CDG building enjoys a beautiful modern architecture. It was designed by the famous architect Paul Andreu : the same architect who designed many Paris Metro stations, the Museum Center of Pompidou, the Doha Airport and many more...

Any questions about Paris Airport Transfer ?

Please, feel free to send me your questions directly by email : [email protected]

My premium services include:

* Paris Car Tour: A quick tour of the monuments around your hotel, see some of the highlights of Paris after landing in Paris.
* I can organize Guided Tours with English-speaking Tour guides of Paris.
They are licensed to guide in the Louvre museum and in Versailles.
* I offer free help by email to organize at best your trip
* Travel planning, Restaurant bookings, Dinner plans, Layover plan in Paris
* You can choose to ride between my three vehicles: Elegant Mercedes Class E or Roomy Mercedes Class V or the top of the German craftsmanship: the Mercedes Class S !

About Sam

To summarize

My airport transfer are always private, comfortable and safe.

I organize the airport Transfers : Orly & Charle de Gaulle (CDG) and all Paris Airports.
I will walk you to the gates and I will help you with luggage.

For the arrivals:
I will wait for you at the gates holding a sign with your name. I will of course help you with your luggage. You can sit and relax in my roomy car while I drive you safely to Paris to your hotel hall.

For the departures:

I will come to your hotel on time. Help you with the luggage. I offer the extra fast track package to make everything easier for you.

See you soon in Paris.

Best regards,


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