Driver for your day trips in France

I offer private round-trips in France, from Paris city to the country side, to the beach, to see an old village, a majestic castle, a peaceful lake or a pure forest and more!

For more than two decades of successful experience in France tourism, I have organized safe and private transportation to see the most charming regions in France, in Tuscany Italy, in the Swiss Mountains, in Bruges and in German villages

Do you have extra time to visit Paris surroundings?

Here I present a selection of the 5 best day trips in France, departing from Paris.

We will visit these 7 places by car.

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France is a small paradise on earth

France is still the world's number one most visited country.

Why? French have been blessed with stunning landscape comprising of Alpine mountains, beautiful meadows, picturesque vineyards and farms, plenty of rivers, spectacular sea coasts and sophisticated Art, cuisine and culture.

Today, the French country side is still attracting many modern designers, painters, art directors, movie producers and developers who live and work there.

I myself often go get some fresh air and some inspiration for my next projects with my family.

If you decide to spend some time in the country side of France, you will be following the footsteps of the great artists:

Claude Monet in Giverny | 1840 - 1926

roadtrip Giverny

Van Gogh in Auvers-sur-Oise | 1853 to 1890

van gogh anvers sur oise

Leonardo Da Vinci in Loire Valley: 1452 - 1519

leonardo da vinci in Loire Valley

What we will see?

With me, we will see a lot of green landscapes and small cute villages. Some of these beautiful villages are protected by the NGO and ranked as the most attracting villages in the world.

We will go to the source of this amazing treats that we find in Paris! We will taste the wine from the hands of the local producers, the truffles from the forest, and eat the type of cheese and bread specialty of each region you will visit.

Let's ride to the Champagne prestigious houses, go see the Loire castles like in Game of Thrones, go swim in a pure water lake melting from the Alpine mountains, or go discover the history of the American Landing beaches of Normandy.

Everything is possible with me.

Let's have a look at some of the destinations we can go to together on this "Travel Map" below:

I indicate the number of hours that it would take me by car for each destination.

Best Day Trip from Paris with Sam Driver Paris Limo Premium Services 2021

1 - Champagne region with tastings

Drive to Champagne

For the Champagne region, we will need just a one day round-trip.
I will pick you up at your hotel lobby at and go back around to Paris.

Get ready for the full day trip to Champagne !

During this journey to Champagne region, we will discover a selection from the prestigious Houses of Champagne.

When we arrive at each house, an expert will be explaining to us the making process, the qualities of the Champagne and why their Champagne is the best...

Then, I will take you to lunch in a refined restaurant with the finest local products, farmed from the same region, to be in complete harmony with the Champagne we taste.

We will see lots of flat landscapes, green, fresh and beautiful nature, dazzling vineyards, cute roads.

Champagne Road trip from PAris chauffeur service


House of Dom Pérignon *****

House of Ruinart *****

House of Taittinger ****

House of Mouette et Chandon ****

 House of La Veuve Cliquot ***

We will visit the caves and hear stories about the successful families owning the Champagne brands in France.

We will stop at the town and get inside the Cathedral of Reims

CATHEDRALE of reims Drive to champagne from Paris

Will visit Dom Perignon's Grave & his beautiful childhood village which is still well conserved.

We will meet with the local producers and see how they live their daily lives in their winery estates.

For a party:

  1. Choose to taste different champagnes in 2 or 3 various Houses for your honeymoon or anniversary. Order some flowers and roses for the car with me to surprise your partner.

2. Privatize the restaurant to organize a birthday party with your friends

The drive

It is 1h40 away from Paris

- easy & safe -

- Lots of open roads - nice landscapes - enjoy the view -

a Tour Guide for Champagne?

I can book for us a knowledgeable tour guide for the Champagne region, with a great passion for the region, a good taste and can speak well of wines, cheese and french gourmet products. The tour guides specialized in Champagne are pricey by can be an excellent addition to our trip.

2 - Discover the Normandy

Drive to Normandy

approximately 2 hours from Paris

With Pick-up at your hotel and drop off your hotel

What we will see :

  1. The American cemetery
  2. Landing Museum of Normandy
  3. Longues-sur-Mer Battery
  4. Pointe du Hoc Ranger Memorial
  5. WWII landmarks
  6. beautiful cliffs of Normandy

You'll also learn more about the story of the Allied Invasion of Omaha Beach, the Bunkers, the spies, the american intelligence, the Nazi occupation and defense systems, the artillery, the ingenious British plans with the help of the Americans to liberate France …

Roadtrip to Normandy with sam the driver

Landing beaches : Sword, Juno, Omaha, Utah, Gold

You'll see the Artificial Harbor in Arromanches, and hear about the extremely creative counterintelligence stories, with lots of documents and physical proofs in the museum, featuring some of the heroic individual destinies of the famous american black and Jewish soldiers who participated to the liberation of France from the Nazis.

The drive to Normandy

Car : Mercedes class V. Safe. Roomy. very comfortable.

Driver : Sam or Serge

Guide : Ivan

Ivan is a local french guide, born in Normandy and lives in Paris. Ivan speaks English and knows very well the Normandy and the WWII history and its landmarks.

3 - Visit France King's Apartments

versaille paris tour

The drive

40 minutes drive from Paris

sam driver in Versailles in front of fountains

9:30 am : I pick-you up at your hotel.

We go to Versailles with a private expert guide

10:30 am : We arrive at Versailles Palace.

With your guide, you will skip the line thanks to your guide's license.

You will start your guided tour inside the Palace in the Royal apartments

12:30 : Lunch or picnic in the gorgeous and the dazzling gardens of Versailles

3 pm : I will tour with you in the huge Gardens of the palace and see a fountain musical show, unchanged ceremony from the Versailles era.

5 pm : We drive back to Paris. Drop off at your hotel

4 - The Country side to find inspiration

Giverny Flowers trip

Pick-up at your hotel and drop off your hotel

Go to Giverny where Claude monet lived and painted the beautiful flower paintings

Sam Driver to Giverny

We will see the amazing landscapes not far from Paris.

We will discover he village of Claude Monet and his house, walk in the flower Gardens and climb in the tower near the house...

The drive

Very easy drive : it is only 1h20 min away from Paris center

roadtrip Giverny


5 - Drive to Vimy in Belgium to see the Canadian memorial

Paris to Vimy Driver


The relationship between Canada and France has deeply established roots. As France colonized a portion of Canada in the early 1500s. A growing French population settled on Canada’s Eastern shores.
With the commencement of World War One (WWI) Canadians were called to serve in the name of the British Empire.
French Canadians, although opposed to aiding the British in ‘their’ war, felt an immeasurable respect and duty towards France.
Similarly in World War Two (WWII), French opposition to aiding the British in the war was palpable. French Canadians in particular, once more felt compelled to lend aid to the people of France.

The presence of France in Canada had been for hundreds of years. The bond between the French and French-Canadians remained strong through a shared culture and language.
In French Canada today, diverse measures have been taken to maintain and protect the French ‘original’ language. There more many linguistic ties between 17th century French and Quebecois French.

During D-Day, Canadians were set to rush to Juno Beach in Normandy, France.
Juno Beach was the Allied code name for a 10 km stretch of French coastline.
Canadians endured ceaseless German resistance to their invasion.
The Third Infantry Division took heavy casualties, but managed to take control of the beach by the end of the day.

Pick-up at your hotel in Paris and head to Belgium - Vimy

What you will see : A symbol of Canadian unity and ingenuity.

A memorial in France marks the site of the great Canadian victory during WWI.

memorial of canadian veterans of Vimy 6

Canadian Memorial - the Cemetery - Vimy museum - Lunch in a nice restaurant

The drive

Long Drive ( 3 hours ) - Round trip in one day

Other possibility:

Go to Bruges in Belgium, and taste the famous Belgian chocolate and visit the best jewelry boutiques in the world

Pictures of my day trips

First Class Driver in Paris

Safe Personal Driver in Paris

Antibes, France on a Sunny day. This village during a day trip to see the most beautiful village of France

Drôme France is on our day trip to see lavender field

Laon old village in France the day trip to medieval village (1)

Mayenne France day trip to lac in france (1)

best day trip from paris with sam

forest in Paris outskirts

Sam Driver to Giverny

Giverny Road trip

This is a picture of Colmar France during a day trip in France from Paris

For Creative people, I have prepared few plans to get inspired while you visit France. Please, follow me:

Need fresh air and inspiration in France ?

See my new day trips from Paris

Limo Premium Services Car in chateau of France during a day trip

As your personal driver, it will be my pleasure to take you on an amazing peaceful and comfortable journey to discover one of my favorite destinations in France.

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france circuit day trip from Paris visit france with driver

In summary, I cannot tell you why you should visit France, because it would take me days to explain... and the list is just endless!

France's agriculture is very advanced. France evolves around food.

The culinary schools are always full.  Student come to Paris to learn about the Culinary Arts and get trained on the French service : hotellerie, wine, and restaurants, which makes our country maybe even a leading light in our planet's gastronomy.

Everywhere we drive in France, the landscapes are different and the geography changes : From flat hot plains to high icy mountains, in this country you will many different sceneries.

The flavors of the French cuisines are different from one territory to another.

Many creatives artists, Designers, Celebrities, Actors, famous Cinematographers, Advertisers and Art Directors, producers, writers and journalists contact me with their need to escape Paris for a day or two and find new inspiration.

If you are looking to find your way and open your mind to a new atmosphere of work, I do believe that a trip to France country side will help you, like it helped Leonardo Da Vinci unblock his true potential.

Some of my guests decided to go to the Country side, just to sit and to relax in charming French Hotels and beautiful Chateaux, and enjoy the famous Service à La Française !

Our Territories :

France is rich and owns many spectacular territories.

The territories around Paris are full of charm.

France is still a beautiful and safe country. On my trips, I notice that the French make a continuous effort to preserve our country natural reserves.

From glamorous small cities like Strasbourg, to big towns like Lyon and Bordeaux or charming little villages like Beaunes, we can go and visit most of them following a well-planned itinerary.

Ready to organize the trip with me ?

Here is my company email :

or simply call me : +33612477397

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25 reviews on
Arianna Levy
Arianna Levy
June 6, 2022.
Serge was our driver for a private tour and drop off to airport. Clean car, extremely friendly and knowledgeable, even stopped at a local bakery (after I said I was a bit hungry), walked in with me and guided me through the best items to choose from and helped me communicate with the gentleman behind the counter at the bakery. Worth every penny - highly recommend.
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Jessica Cooke
Jessica Cooke
June 4, 2022.
If it was possible to give a higher rating, I would do so without hesitation. We’d just arrived in Paris for the first time ever when our driver, Serge, picked us up and instantly put us at ease. He had curated a driving tour to specifically meet our needs and we had an amazing couple of hours driving around with him. He taught us all the essential terms, showed us everything we wanted to see, and didn’t hesitate to answer any of our questions. Despite being jet-legged from the trip, he quickly had us laughing and having an amazing time. We actually ended up running into Serge again at the end of our trip and it was like running into an old friend. We will not hesitate to reach out to him again when we come back in the future!
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Philip Drew
Philip Drew
April 15, 2022.
Serge made our day in Paris as seamless as possible. We did not have to be concerned with getting around to key locations and given the fact our transport to Paris was almost 1 hour late this made so much difference. In combination with his colleague (tour guide) we really saw what made the highlights of Paris. Excellent value if time is tight. Philip, Sydney.
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Mark Mukhtar
Mark Mukhtar
December 8, 2021.
My wife and I had the pleasure of having both Serge and Sam as drivers for the duration of our stay in Paris. Both were phenomenal. From the moment Serge picked us up at CDG to the moment he dropped us off at the end of our trip we were treated with top notch concierge services. Serge and Sam were professional, on time, very helpful with recommendations and a pleasure to be with. They had our itinerary before we arrived and made sure that all logistics worked according to our travel plans. There were a couple of occasions where they took it upon themselves to follow-up with the attraction to make sure we had contingency plans in place. Throughout the trip they made us feel as if we where THE client and not just a client. The trip to Paris was for our 25th anniversary so we wanted it to be special. Mission accomplished! It was an overall wonderful trip in large part to the service we received from Serge and Sam. Thank you both.
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Flora Goldenberg
Flora Goldenberg
December 8, 2021.
I have worked with Sam Philippe as a private guide for 6 years now. We tour with our visitors in his comfortable and clean van. He is safe and professional for the city car tour of Paris. I really reccomend him as a driver guide in Paris
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Milton Padilla
Milton Padilla
November 13, 2021.
I am not even sure where to begin. This team is outstanding. My partner and I went to Paris in October and were picked up at Orly Airport timely. The service en route was great and champagne filled. You get a very personal, concierge style service. Sam and Serge give you suggestions, help you plan your stay, and made our stay much more memorable! I highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking for convenience, top service, and a different experience during their trip. I look forward to my return and using their services again!
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Katarzyna Mirończuk
Katarzyna Mirończuk
November 3, 2021.
My boss and some of our investors came to Paris to see some potential points in the city. Sam was their driver and Serge was arranging everything with me over an email. Everything went smooth and I am very glad that we have chosen their company and next time we will use their service again!
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Beligh Boussaa
Beligh Boussaa
November 3, 2021.
Diane Jacoby
Diane Jacoby
October 8, 2021.
Sam was our driver for my son's wedding, and for touring Paris and Versailles. My group and I all agree that he was incredible. He made our stay in Paris ever so much more enjoyable. We even said that, when we return, we'd schedule the trip just so that we can have Sam be our driver and guide. We absolutely loved him. One of our group had a significant knee injury and required a wheelchair (didn't know that when we booked originally.) Sam came to the rescue!!! He obtained a wheelchair and made sure that we were still able to tour as we hoped. We all just loved Sam. I highly recommend him!
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Mia Ruffin
Mia Ruffin
September 21, 2021.
My family and I went on a vacation to Paris last month (August 2021) and we were blessed by Serge’s exceptional service! Him and his team were ALWAYS on time, professional, communicative, and had clean, comfortable vehicles. Truly above and beyond service, we couldn’t have asked for a better transportation experience. Not only did we discover the best transportation service in Paris, but great friendships too! Do not hesitate when booking this company. Thank you Serge and your wonderful team!
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