A Trip to Giverny: Drive from Paris to Monet’s Gardens

Paris is a global city renowned for its architecture, history, and cuisine. But not so far away, one of the great artists hid from the hustle and bustle to discover the wonders and beauty found in the quiet of a little village called Giverny.

Sam Personal driver Paris in Giverny
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The artist was Claude Monet (1840-1926). His idyllic slice of life at Giverny has been preserved down to every detail, and art lovers can visit it today to see what it was like when one of the world’s greatest artists lived there. With my premium chauffeur services, you can be whisked away from the entrance of your Paris hotel to the grounds of Giverny without any hassle or stress.

Giverny entrance
Giverny entrance

It is here at Giverny that Monet became obsessed with his passion for growing flowers and creating the settings that would serve as subjects for his most renowned masterpieces.

If you are visiting Paris, you can visit the most storied gardens in art history with an unforgettable half-day tour.

Your Itinerary at a Glance

Your Journey to Giverny with Sam

  • Depart from Paris at 9:00 AM
    Take in the sights of the City of Lights and views of the French countryside from the comfort of my safe, spacious, and luxurious Mercedes V-Class van. With room for six passengers, you can take this exclusive tour with family and friends. Your party can sit back and relax as I handle the city traffic and directions.
  • Arrival at 10:30 AM
    Welcome to the picturesque village of Giverny. You can now embrace the visual feast that is the world of Monet. With a knowledgeable guide at your side, you’ll hear profound insights into the artist’s life, the evolution of Impressionism, and the ways that garden design from Japan is reflected in Monet’s creation.
  • 1.5 Hour Tour of the Grounds

The tour of Monet’s gardens is a jaw-dropping adventure through stunning scenery — meticulously reconstructed from historical documents to be faithful to how things looked when the great artist walked the same paths. You also get to visit Monet’s house, witnessing firsthand the places he lived.

Giverny garden flowers France collage

Your guide provides information and stories while highlighting places featured in the artist’s paintings and the aesthetic ideas behind many of the garden’s features.

  • Monet’s Village and Final Resting Place
    Giverny remains much the same as it did when Monet came here to live in relative seclusion and rural serenity. You too can experience the charm of Giverny’s single, bustling street and visit the beautiful church where Monet’s tomb lies, alongside other beloved family members. This intimate glimpse into Monet’s personal life adds a poignant touch to your visit.

A Scenic Detour: La Roche-Guyon

  • Lunch with a View
    You can dine in Giverny or take a scenic route back to Paris via La Roche-Guyon, a village with a 12th-century castle with wonderful views. This is a great addition for family members of all ages. Children on vacation visiting Paris always light up when they see a real-life castle!
  • History enthusiasts will appreciate visiting the secret bunker that served as Field Marshal Erwin Rommel‘s headquarters during WWII.
  • La Roche-Guyon Castle
    Explore the castle’s history, but be cautious as you climb the chalk stairs for a panoramic view of the surroundings. Though challenging, this stop offers a breathtaking place to really appreciate the historic site (it’s also an amazing place to take pictures).
  • France’s Best Crêperie
    If you want to eat in La Roche-Guyon, you are really in luck! You can enjoy lunch at the most renowned crêperie in all of France, where you’ll indulge in authentic Normandy galettes and crêpes. This is a true culinary experience and a delicious way to immerse yourself in French culture and cuisine.

The Return to Paris

This half-day tour reaches its relaxing end in the comfort of a chauffeured drive back to Paris. From the luxurious seats of my Mercedes van, reflect on a day filled with art, history, gardens, and crêpes! Then, open the door to your hotel, where you can rest and get ready for a night on the town in Paris.

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Why Giverny Is So Important

The story of Monet in Giverny reminds us why so many art lovers treat these gardens in this small village as a pilgrimage worth seeking out.

Monet first saw the village (75.5 kilometers, or about 50 miles, northwest of Paris) on a train ride. From that vantage, he knew that he had to live there someday.

It was in May 1883 that Monet moved his family to Giverny. At the time, he’d already achieved megastar status as the leader of Impressionism, the art movement that changed everything.

Giverny trip to Monet house

At first, he only rented a house with a small farming plot. But he immediately began to build up the gardens, transforming them into a phantasmagoric paradise. The sights were so captivating that many of them ended up in Monet’s own paintings — including the famous water lily pond that led to a series that many consider the artist’s magnum opus and an important precursor to abstract art.

Giverny bridge flowers monet house trip with sam

By 1890, he purchased the land. Monet would spend the last 40 years of his life at Giverny. And with each passing year, the importance of the grounds rose. He spent the first hours of his day writing down intricate instructions to his growing staff of gardeners. Managing the expanding and demanding mixture of flowers was no easy task.

Driving Services from Paris to Giverny

Sam’s Premium Limo Services Are the Best Way to Visit Giverny

  • First Class Comfort
    Want to drive from Paris into the French countryside in luxury? Experience the comfort of my Mercedes V-Class van with room for six passengers..
  • Dedicated Driver & an expert Guide
    I have lived in France all my life, and I bring that understanding to your journey. For a more meaningful experience, we will hire an expert guide with excellent English language skills. That makes everything easy, as you can ask about anything, from Monet’s life to recommendations that you won’t find in most guidebooks.
  • A Journey Tailored to You
    I know that your group is unique. Maybe you are all art lovers, or maybe there are history buffs and people who just want to get out of the city. Whatever your needs, I can tailor your trip specifically to you for a truly bespoke experience.
  • Convenience
    Why fight the French traffic on your own? Why struggle to figure out the way to Giverny and back again? Why find food by yourself? I can get you the best of everything — all without you lifting a finger!
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Visit Monet’s Giverny on Your Paris Vacation

This half-day tour from Paris to Giverny, with a detour through the historic and scenic La Roche-Guyon, takes you into the many-colored world of Claude Monet and explore the beauty of the French countryside. With my chauffeur services, your journey will be easy, stress-free, and memorable.

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